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This one or that one…..

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Image has a nasty pink tint from the filter I used. Note to self replace the filter. The filter needed to go from upper right to horizon left. Note to self check twice on things like that so as to avoid blown highlight. Placement of the horizon is debatable. I wanted the feel of empty so I tried to empasize that with sky and foreground. Maybe too much of both.Horizon is tilted slightly to place the let higher than the right.  I could go either way with it.  Everything is leading to the left, so the tilted Horizon doesn’t cause me that much grief.  I like the dark cast to the image.  The light falls off hard to the right and is probably recoverable with additional post process.  Note to self keep working on post as much as you hate it.  Better placement of the ND Filter would have helped that too.  In addition, a higher POV would have placed the reflected clouds further on to the water.  Note to self double check your framing.

Better. Too blue for my liking. More post. Changed crop to de-emphasize the sky and took a bit of the foreground and the blown highlight at left. Played with color balance and recovered some of the EV on the right. Image is better balanced now. Helps that the left isn’t over bright as well since it no longer dominated the eye.

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May 26, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Buried: Avalanche Search and Rescue Dog Training

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Today I was buried, alive, in snow.  Why you ask?  To get this image. This is an avalanche search and rescue dog from the Sundance Ski Area in Utah.  If you’ve never seen one work, it’s really interesting.  A mixture of work and play.  Dogs start early, with a favorite toy.  The toy becomes central to the dogs life.  Beginning with simple tug of war, then moving on to hide and seek.   Eventually hide and seek involves a person hiding with the toy.  After enough repetitions with the toy, the dog moves on to simply finding the person.  Working strictly by scent, under the direction of a dog handler, who is frequently the dogs owner,  the dog is able to cover large areas of disturbed snow pack in quest of a victim.  Finding the victim results in reward.  A well trained, experienced dog can locate a victim in a chaotic mess of scents and decoys very quickly.  This one had me located and uncovered in approximately 15 minutes.  Deer Valley Resort Hosted approximately 30 dogs of varying ages and skill levels in an all day series of burial and recovery exercises meant to test the abilities of both dog and handler.

additional images at Pbase

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February 3, 2010 at 12:38 am


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January 18, 2010 at 6:21 pm


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That is all….

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January 15, 2010 at 12:26 pm


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For more follow this link to Pbase.

‘Cross part Deux

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Once again a beautiful clear day at the Weber County Fairgrounds, as The Utah Cyclocross Series entered its second weekend.  The course ran similar to week one, only in reverse direction.   Kathy Sherwin (Velo Bella/Ellsworth) dominated the women’s field.

Kathy Sherwin VeloBela/Ellsworth flys to a convincing win.

Kathy Sherwin (Velo Bella/Ellsworth) flys to a convincing win.

The juniors turned out in force once again and brought their A game faces.

Game face....

Game face....

In men’s A flight, a fierce battle between Ali Goulet (Church Of The Big Ring) and Bart Gillespie (Cannondale-Mona Vie) raged for the entire 50 minutes.  Goulet prevailed in the end.  Goulet verses Gillespie appears to be a great match up to watch this season

Gillespie and Goulet battle for mnes A flight

Gillespie and Goulet battle for mens A flight

Week three will bring the show to the Fairgrounds in Heber City.  Full race results and information are at the Utah Cyclocross website.  A more complete look at the day can be found at Pbase

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October 11, 2009 at 12:21 pm