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Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt…. wha? it’s 10 o’clock?   ALREADY?  &%$#.  Five minutes later the cell phone plays a merry little jingle.  OK now it’s time to get out of bed.  It’s OhDark pm, and time for a Snowcat operator to start the day.  S&%$, shower, shave, pull on some clothes, and out to the truck.  Oh goody, the thermometer says it’s only 32º, just cold enough to freeze.  This could be fun, or not.

1130pm clock in,  eat something, dish out a ration of &^%@ to the poor guy who opened hos mouth at the wrong time.  We’re fun that way.  He does this nearly every night.  1245, out of the yard……  For the next 4 hours it’s up the hill, down the hill.  Push snow up the hill, put pretty parallel lines on it.  Random chatter on the two way, tunes rockin’ the cab.

4 am… NAPTIME!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. 5am, Cell phone plays its happy tune and we’re off again.  Why you ask?  ‘Cause it’s a fine way to be first on the hill.  ‘Cause you get to see some interesting stuff in the dark hours.  Maybe because you have a predisposition to play with sandbox toys and these are the coolest of the lot.  The real reason?  You get to see this at about 6 am every morning…..

Yeah I get paid for this……

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March 13, 2010 at 2:30 pm

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Buried: Avalanche Search and Rescue Dog Training

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Today I was buried, alive, in snow.  Why you ask?  To get this image. This is an avalanche search and rescue dog from the Sundance Ski Area in Utah.  If you’ve never seen one work, it’s really interesting.  A mixture of work and play.  Dogs start early, with a favorite toy.  The toy becomes central to the dogs life.  Beginning with simple tug of war, then moving on to hide and seek.   Eventually hide and seek involves a person hiding with the toy.  After enough repetitions with the toy, the dog moves on to simply finding the person.  Working strictly by scent, under the direction of a dog handler, who is frequently the dogs owner,  the dog is able to cover large areas of disturbed snow pack in quest of a victim.  Finding the victim results in reward.  A well trained, experienced dog can locate a victim in a chaotic mess of scents and decoys very quickly.  This one had me located and uncovered in approximately 15 minutes.  Deer Valley Resort Hosted approximately 30 dogs of varying ages and skill levels in an all day series of burial and recovery exercises meant to test the abilities of both dog and handler.

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February 3, 2010 at 12:38 am


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That is all….

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January 15, 2010 at 12:26 pm


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This is Hang Time.  This is Flying Inverted.  Without A Net.  This is Freestyle.  This is a teenager.  Sunday December 20 brought NorAm freestyle to Park City.  These kids want to be Olympians.  The NorAm circuit is where they start on the road to the big time.  The Big Time is exemplified by The VISA Freestyle International at Deer Valley in mid January 2010.  The NorAm circuit is top national athletes competing for a shot to go international.  At  this level one see’s all abillities, from the simplest flips to complex twisting maneuvers.  All of which are performed airborne without a net.  The cool part of NorAm is that one can walk right up to the jump and watch as these young men and women launch themselves skyward in hopes landing in the big time…..

Jumps are of varying sizes and the competitors start at different elevations on the in run.  This is based upon how much height and hang-time they require to complete the intended maneuver.  The small jump is only 4 or so feet tall, while the big launch pad is 15 or so.  The landing zone is inclined in such a manner that the jumper glides back to earth smoothly.  This assumes of course that all of the elements of the maneuver go according to plan.  Missing a landing is still a painful experience.

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December 23, 2009 at 11:04 am