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This is Hang Time.  This is Flying Inverted.  Without A Net.  This is Freestyle.  This is a teenager.  Sunday December 20 brought NorAm freestyle to Park City.  These kids want to be Olympians.  The NorAm circuit is where they start on the road to the big time.  The Big Time is exemplified by The VISA Freestyle International at Deer Valley in mid January 2010.  The NorAm circuit is top national athletes competing for a shot to go international.  At  this level one see’s all abillities, from the simplest flips to complex twisting maneuvers.  All of which are performed airborne without a net.  The cool part of NorAm is that one can walk right up to the jump and watch as these young men and women launch themselves skyward in hopes landing in the big time…..

Jumps are of varying sizes and the competitors start at different elevations on the in run.  This is based upon how much height and hang-time they require to complete the intended maneuver.  The small jump is only 4 or so feet tall, while the big launch pad is 15 or so.  The landing zone is inclined in such a manner that the jumper glides back to earth smoothly.  This assumes of course that all of the elements of the maneuver go according to plan.  Missing a landing is still a painful experience.

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December 23, 2009 at 11:04 am

Snow Crossed

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It appears that winter has decided to bless northern Utah with it’s presence.  Temperatures in the 20’s and a gray sky greeted racers for the final points race of the 2009 UTCX Series.  While many in the state struggled to simply drive their cars, these brave souls ventured forth in to the elements in search of double points and the chance to say, “Yes I race Cross, in all conditions.”  No fair weather racing here, no sir.  Ogden’s Fort Buenaventura Historic Park provided the venue. Ma Nature, the weather.  Participants, their own embrocation.

As the day progressed, the course became more and more trecherous, leading to many instances of this…..

In the end, The Church Of The Big Ring took home bragging rights as the top team for the 2009 season.  Bart Gillespie (MonaVie/Cannondale) holds on to his title as Cross King by a narrow 20 point margin over Ali Goulet (CotBR).  On the ladies side Erika Powers (Revolution Cycles/Peak Fasteners) carries off the honors of top female crosser.  Top honors go to the Utah Valley University Grill for their Double Cheese Burger.

Just for fun a short trip down by the river.

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